What are T Bolts used for?


T-bolts are a type of bolt with a T-shaped head that is used in various applications, primarily in conjunction with T-slot tracks or T-slot extrusions. The T-shaped head of these bolts is designed to fit into the T-slot grooves of certain structural framing systems, creating a secure and adjustable connection. Here are some common uses of T-bolts:

Workholding and Fixturing:

T-bolts are often employed in manufacturing and machining processes to secure workpieces to T-slot tables or fixtures. The T-slot design allows for easy and flexible positioning of clamps, workholding devices, and other accessories.

Construction and Framing:

In construction and carpentry, T-bolts can be utilized to connect components in T-slot aluminum extrusions or profiles. This is commonly seen in the assembly of modular structures, frames, and support systems.

Modular Racking Systems:

T-bolts are frequently used in modular racking systems where adjustability and flexibility are essential. The T-slot design enables users to easily attach and reposition shelves, brackets, and other accessories within the rack.

Machine Tool Accessories:

T-bolts are employed in machine tools and equipment to secure accessories such as vises, rotary tables, and other fixtures to the machine table. The T-slot configuration allows for quick adjustments and secure fastening.

Automotive Applications:

In the automotive industry, T-bolts can be found in various applications, including securing components within vehicle structures, assembling roof racks, or attaching accessories to T-slot profiles.

Rail Systems:

T-bolts are used in rail systems, particularly in the assembly and adjustment of components on linear motion systems or conveyor systems where T-slot rails are employed.

Fixture Plates and Jigs:

T-bolts play a crucial role in the creation of fixture plates and jigs for various applications. The T-slot design allows for the quick and repeatable positioning of components during manufacturing processes.

Assembly of Industrial Machinery:

T-bolts are used in the assembly of industrial machinery, securing components and accessories to the frame or base of the machinery.

The versatility and adjustability provided by T-bolts make them valuable in scenarios where a modular and flexible connection system is required, enabling users to customize and reconfigure structures quickly and easily.

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